The Bark Collection -  Personalize  every drive

                  The Bark Collection is a blend of innovative technology and classic natural scent infusions that provides comfort and air sanitizing for every drive.

Created by the best and finest organic ingredients.  Our scent discs are made with only the finest quality natural oil and pulverized ingredients  infused into food grade elastomer, that not only releasing warm and amazing scents, but also don't harm human or environmental health. This sleek and simple design will effortlessly fits into any vehicle's ventilation grid (like a mobile phone holder) and blending in any interior. Use it in all seasons by adding more  cheer to your daily driving!Please do not expect our discs to fill the passenger area  very fast with the chosen scent.Our scent discs  are ideal for individuals with sensitivities to fragrances and chemicals, those seeking to steer clear of potential toxins, and those yearning for the traditional  ambiance with a more subtle scent. 

Estimated scent release time is 4 months.          Refill discs are available !

Enoying your Bark Car  Collection Scent? These scents are available in our Bark Home Collection to enhance your living environment.
The Bark Home Collection


This  scent disc has been carefully hand-created  in delicate warm brown color elastomer. This creation is with all organic  cinnamon oil and powder and touch of clove. Let your yourself stimulated, drive -on with this a warming  but subtle fragrance with  air sanitizing ability and enjoy.


Our disc is hand dipped in the finest organic vanilla oil and bits of beans. This is a enriched with natural vanilla oil and tiny morsels of vanilla beans. Turn on the fan for the warming  comfort of sensation  and enjoy your travels.


This disc is a must have for lavender flower lovers. It's like driving through a country side by a lavender field  Enriched with natural lavender oil and tiny pieces of dry lavender flowers. Turn on the engine and start enjoy the  soothing, calming aromatic qualities  of the lavender flower.


Love coffee but shouldn't drink too much of it! Now just place this rich coffee aroma disc in your car for the welcoming aroma and fine smell of coffee.  Well, inhaling the scent of coffee with a hint of chocolate  can deliver similar brain-boosting benefits, including enhanced cognitive parameters, greater attention span, increased alertness and strengthened memory with air sanitizing ability. Drive-On and enjoy!


The clean and refreshing citrus scent disc  is simple and pleasurable. Created by our organic citrus oil blend and real lime ingredients.  Citrus scents have the power to invigorate and refresh the senses, promoting a sense of well-being and air sanitizing ability. Drive and enjoy. 


The forest is very far to take a walk? Our scent disc is created by organic cedar, tea and teak wood oils. Turn on the fan for a refreshing and smooth woody-sweet, slightly smoky and smoky light fragrance with air sanitizing ability and enjoy your drive.