“Science is based on experiment, on a willingness to challenge old dogma, on an openness to see the universe as it really is. Accordingly, science sometimes requires courage – at the very least the courage to question the conventional wisdom.”

Carl Sagan

Increasingly contemporary consumers more and more prefer the green, environmentally friendly and healthy products. The challenge is various terms, including: environmental innovation, sustainable innovation, eco-innovation, and many more, have been employed in multiple literature world wide. Despite these restrictions, our company believes and practices the fundamental concept underlying the notion of green innovation: reducing pollution, conserving raw materials, and increasing natural  resource efficiency.

Pollution has sizable impacts on human health, in our surroundings and intervenes our daily life such as the climate change. Pollution is affecting our well being via the food we consume, the water we drink and the air we need to breathe.  All of our product are  without added artificial ingredients.

How is this impact the environment genesis? A group of  Marvelzap professionals are involved and closely following  industries and life in general. They are  moved by the same goal:  to build an easy to use, reasonably costing system, which will help to reduce all toxin levels in air and consumables. Toxin residues in air are danger to human health or distributed and consumed via spraying by various chemicals used in the growing phase of the plants.

From the very beginning, we have never left our aim: to be in contact with customers and partners, at all levels, observing and analyzing carefully everything that involves the automotive, daily life and the agriculture sectors. We understood at this level we need to track both:  managers & directors of small and large companies. We also immersed  ourselfes  in the sheds and fields  listening closely to the daily reality of the working crews.