Easy and safe to use! Marvelzap® Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) treatment is effectively delivers 99.9 % disinfection and removes all odors, mold, mildew, fungus molecules & spores. It is ten times more soluble in water than chlorine, even in cold water.

Exeptional & Useful!

 Guide for safe applications for  humans, pets, plants, food, water, materials and environment. World wide approval for use  in multiple  industries and residential  applications.

Easy and Simple Application!

Gel, liquid or vapor forms to remove and eliminate chemical & natural odors molecules and deliver 99.9% pathogen free condition.Various treatment periods from 30min. to 24 hours, depending on conditions & severity.

The Odor-Germ Zapper!  What makes Marvelzap range so great?   

The Marvelzap® always deliver fast and satisfactory results. Marvelzap is bringing easy application and quick result  for all everyday or occasionally  odor and sanitizing chores in our  life.