When & Why to chose  Chlorine Dioxide in GEL-VAPOR-LIQUID form

        How strong is ClO2 ?
Chlorine dioxide in gas or liquid form is an extremely effective disinfectant, which rapidly kills bacteria, viruses. ClO2 also improves taste and odor, destroys sulfides, cyanides, and phenols, controls algae, and neutralizes iron and manganese ions. It is an effective biocide at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm (parts per million) and over a wide pH range. It is ten times more soluble in water than chlorine, even in cold water.

  1. When is chlorine dioxide the preferred choice for disinfection?

ClO2 is a disinfectant, best utilized in systems with surface germs and biofilms. Chlorine dioxide removes biofilms and inactivates germs by destroying cell walls. Furthermore, the oxidation and disinfection capabilities of ClO2 are independent of the pH of the water across a wide range. ClO2 can be used effectively in water with a pH 6 to 9

  • The United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently reviewing the way third parties will be able to carry “green” claims on all disinfectant labels. EPA policy at this point does not allow “green” claims to be placed directly on any disinfectant product’s label. While Marvelzap Chorine Dioxide is mild on skin, hard surfaces, and fabric, and will certainly qualify for “green status” when the designation is allowed, we cannot advertise this claim until it is permitted by the EPA. MArvelzap Chlorine Dioxide is also a powerful disinfectant able to kill some of the toughest and most resistant forms of bacteria and mold. The chemical composition of Marvelzap Chlorine Dioxide is such that it has a minimal impact on the environment and contains no ozone harming volatile compounds (VOC).

How is the  CLO2 vapor generated?

CLO2- is a  dry-medium, release technology is able to generate and release a nontoxic Chlorine Dioxide or CLO2 vapor, into any confined area. This release of the nontoxic Chlorine Dioxide vapor penetrates deeply into any porous material, removing the odors.

Is it safe for humans and pets?

Yes, all Marvelzap products are safe for pets and humans. However you should not be in the vehicle while the product is being used. There is no residue or lingering odor that will cause harm to animals or humans.

Is there there and smell or after scent?

You will notice a light chlorine smell immediately after using the product. Open the doors and windows for at least 20 minutes to air out the vehicle. The smell will dissipate completely. In addition, air and sunlight aids in rapidly breaking down the product as well.

Type of applications MARVELZAP UNI should be used for?

Marvelzap UNI can be used to remove odors of all types vehicle and jobs, including: rooms. homes, spaces and areas  as long as the right dosage is chosen for the job.
For RV and Boat also use our MARVALZAP UNI  products.

  1. What is the difference between ClO2 and chlorine?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a compound, composed of a chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are both oxidizing agents, meaning they remove electrons from other compounds during chemical reactions. But whereas chlorine has the capacity to take in two electrons, chlorine dioxide has the capacity to absorb five in highly acidic environments. In a neutral ambient, as in swimming pools and drinking water, ClO2 takes only one electron.

In addition, chlorine dioxide does not react with many organic compounds, meaning it does not create chlorinated organics, which can be environmentally dangerous.

  1. Is ClO2 corrosive?

When used at the concentrations required for disinfection without accumulation e.g., in loops, chlorine dioxide is minimally corrosive. Chlorine dioxide is approximately ten times more soluble in water than chlorine[iv]  and safe methods for chlorine dioxide production have been developed, meaning the corrosive effects of using chlorine dioxide for treatment are minimal.  

  1. Can ClO2 contribute to reducing biofilms in pipelines?

ClO2 removes biofilms and keeps them under control. Through this, it helps to reduce steel corrosion in an indirect way.

  1. Does the use of ClO2 affect the environment?

Chlorine dioxide is considered hazardous to the environment. However, chlorine dioxide does not last long in air, water, or soil environments - up to minutes in air and up to hours in water or soil.

Due to its reactivity, chlorine dioxide photolyzes rapidly in the atmosphere. It has a tropospheric half-life of just a few seconds and will breakdown rapidly in natural waters or waters that contain a moderate level of organic matter.

Chlorine dioxide is converted to the intermediate product chlorite and the final product chlorate. Chlorate levels can be minimized with proper use of ClO2 – refer to Question 15.

  1. How efficient is ClO2 compared with Chlorine, Hypochlorite’s, and Ozone?

ClO2 is a relatively mild oxidant with a low ORP value in comparison to hypochlorous acid. It oxidizes to generate chlorinated DBP, including THM, as chlorine and hypochlorites do.

In addition, it has an excellent residual effect in purified water whereas ozone is depleted by self-decomposition. Once ozone has vanished, the regrowth of germs accelerates, which doesn’t happen with chlorine dioxide.

Can Marvelzap Take a Urine Stain Out of Carpet?

Marvezap  is not designed to remove stains, however, could in many instances,  does remove stains as well as provide total odor elimination. The newer the stain is, the more likely that Nok-Out will successfully remove it.  The older the stain is, the less likely that ANYTHING will remove it.

  • Yes. Marvelzap is an excellent disinfectant to use in homes. Some of the best places to use at home are in musty basements, in bathrooms where mildew has accumulated (or on surfaces to protect against mold and mildew), and in the kitchen to keep food-contact surfaces clean. Marvelzap has also been tested on carpets and can be used around the house to sanitize carpets.

    UNI is also the only product that can remove any smells in few hours.

  • The easiest way to answer this question is simply, not all disinfectants are created equal. When evaluating and comparing disinfectant products, take a close look at their core ingredients. Marvelzap Chlorine Dioxide uses a unique chemical compound called chlorine dioxide. While other competitors and manufacturers have attempted to copy and produce a form of stabilized chlorine dioxide similar to Marvelzap Chlorine Dioxide, our revolutionary formula is simply unequaled.  Chlorine dioxide has been used during Anthrax attacks, in the aftermath of  natural disasters (ie. floods), to purify drinking water, and most recently to kill MRSA in schools and hospitals. Also consider carefully what kind of chemicals you want around your children, employees, patients, students, and close family members. Most disinfectants and mold removers on the market are extremely toxic, but Marvelzap Chlorine Dioxide gives you peace of mind that you are using an effective product that does not come with alarming safety warnings and precautions.

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