Marvelzap Sani
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Marvelzap Sani   

The Clean Air Generator

Marvelzap Sani specially  developed and formulated gel pad has no free chlorine and does not able to form chlorinated organic by products that have been found to be carcinogenic. It does its  task by oxidizing the odor and then turning into a harmless salt. Safe to use everywhere and not only helps to eliminate odors, also controls  a wide range of pathogens, germs and mildew. The use of Marvelzap Sani is a perfect help for multiple applications including, home use, hotels, basements, apartment buildings, freezers, cabins, gyms, cars, locker rooms, dumpsters, kennels and many other areas.  Activity period 30-40 days.

The Marvelzap Sani is easy to use, can be set up in just 1 minute. After opening the package unscrew the lid of the can, remove the inner seal put the screw cap back-on and open the top screen for immediate use. Meeting the 0.1ppm ClO2 safe vapor limit set by  the authorities, it continouslly releases environment-friendly antimicrobial but unnoticable vapor in a controlled release method, reaching any porous or hard surfaces  to destroy all bacteria, mold, mildew and dangerous pathogens or odors causing molecules.. This brings a technologically advanced and innovative way to sanitize and odor free  environment without the need of harmful chemicals the use of  cover up scents or the start of manual cleaning and rinsing.

Safe to be used in the presence of people and pets. It is harmless to health.

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