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Marvelzap Auto  Hygiene and Odor Control & Clean Air Generator

Our specially formulated ClO₂ gel pad is based on one of the strongest and safest odor removal and 99.9% sanitizing capable chemical on today's market. It continuously releases an invisible and unnoticable a 0.1ppm safe vapor that fills car`s interior, destroying odor molecules from the inside out while keeping a desired hygiene level. The vapor reaching hiddenspaces, ventilation systems and destroying unseen odor-causing elements. It's not an odor cover process! It does travels through surfaces without leaving any artificial fragrance.

To activate: remove the gel holder from the bag, discard the top seal, place the gel-holder on the sunvisor. Activity period 25-30 days. Refills are available.

Note! Offers excellent combined extended protection, when its activated after a Marvelzap Car or Marvelzap UNI treatments.

Safe to be used in the presence of people and pets. It is harmless to health.