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Understanding how infections are transmitted, HP4 can help you avoid getting sick 
Not long ago, no one understood that infectious diseases were caused by tiny organisms that moved from person to person. Even now, although we know that microscopic living microbes cause disease, how they do so is not always obvious. But we do know that most microbes enter through openings in the body—our noses, mouths, ears, anuses, and genital passages. They can also be transmitted through our skin through insect or animal bites. The best way to prevent infections is to block pathogens from entering the body. 
What is HP4 antimicrobial coating? 
Antimicrobial coatings are invisible surface coverings containing an active ingredient that makes them effective against virucidal- bacterial and fungal growth.

Mobilsept Hygienic Protect substances are NSF,EPA registered & CDC compliant.